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Concha (Nasal Flesh) Reduction with Radiofrequency
October 28, 2023

Dr. ozbarsut

Radiofrequency is the most effective way to painlessly relieve nasal congestion caused by enlarged nasal flesh.

What are the functions of the nasal meat?

The purpose of the nasal septum is to clean, circulate, warm and moisturize the inhaled air.

How Do Nasal Flesh Swell?

Especially in climates likeAntalya where allergies are high, a substance called histamine is released from the body when allergen is encountered.

Histamine causes the blood vessels to dilate and their permeability increases. As a result of this reaction, there is a swelling of the turbinate (nasal flesh) and increased discharge due to the fluid coming out of the vein.

Concha (nasal flesh) enlargement

what does it cause?

Enlarged turbinate makes it harder for us to breathe. Uncontrolled growth obstructs the airway, making nasal breathing impossible, causing fatigue and headaches.

Since this event will be repeated continuously, deformity (loss of form and smooth surface) occurs in the turbinates. Nasal congestion begins to occur even in non-allergic periods. Again, the nasal flesh, which has lost its form according to the patient’s lying position, starts to cause discomfort especially during sleep. In deviated septum,the turbinate on the opposite side of the curvature grows to warm and moisturize the air and more congestion occurs on the side without bone curvature.

How is radiofrequency applied?

Both in allergic cases enlargement of the turbinates In deviations, we can reduce and shape the nasal flesh without disrupting the structure of the nasal flesh. At the same time, although we cannot completely cure allergy by reducing the number of secretory cells – a permanent cure for allergy does not yet exist in the world – we can correct the problem of nasal flesh growth and inability to breathe, which is the result of allergies and reduces the quality of life. And this process (radiofrequency) under examination room conditions, 15 minutes, with local anesthesia painless without buffer and without bleeding can be done as

What are the Advantages of Radiofrequency?

  1. The procedure is painless.
  2. No tampons and no bleeding.
  3. No loss of labor force (the patient can drive his/her car and return to work, or even go to the sea)
  4. Since the GYRUS-SOMNUS device we use automatically adjusts the tissue resistance, there are no question marks such as I did too little or too much.
  5. Bi polar devices (GYRUS) have no side effects as they do not cause cell death.

Is Nose Reduction with Radiofrequency Permanent?

Somnus device is permanent. Most patients had no negative feedback. Since we already assure our patients for at least 2 years, the patient is psychologically comfortable. Radiofrequency in the world right now nasal flesh growths for the most advanced technology. Especially with bipolar (GYRUS) device applications have no side effects. Success is extremely high.