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Consequences of adenoid and tonsil size
October 28, 2023

Dr. ozbarsut

Dear visitors, in this article I will talk to you about an issue that is not mentioned much about the size of the tonsilsand adenoid , which is the most important side effect in my opinion.

What do the tonsils do?

Before what the tonsils do These structures have functions that support the immune system. It is an organ that helps in the development of the body’s immune system by forming a secretory immunoglobulin against the germs on the candy.

Tonsil enlargement in children

Between 3 and 6 years of age is the most active period and is when they grow the most. It does not act as a filter, as it is often referred to by the public and my patients. Mission average at the end of 3 years It ends because there is no germ that it has not encountered, so it becomes inactive. The main topic of our article will be the infection as well as some of the problems caused by its size.

Allergy in Children

Antalya; is one of the most allergic regions of Turkey. High humidity, vibrant nature that is also in the air means an increased number of allergens . Because children have small airways, they are more likely to be affected by allergies. So even before the entrance of the airway as a reaction to allergy conchawe call Enlargement of the nasal passages, allergic runny nose reduces the volume of breath taken at the very entrance.

Adenoid Growth in Children

The air reaching from the nose to the nasal passages is reduced even more if the adenoid is large. If the tonsils are also enlarged in the lower region, the volume reaching the lungs is further reduced. During the day, it is possible to breathe through the nose, albeit with difficulty, as the person is conscious, but at night, when consciousness disappears, the easier way, i.e. mouth breathing, is preferred. If the tonsils are large, breathing will still not be enough. Snoring, sleeping with the mouth open, frequent turning in bed, excessive sweating in the nape of the neck are common indicators of this obstruction.

Distortion of Facial Shape Due to Adenoid and Tonsil

Now, these issues are more or less known to those who have children. In my opinion, the main problem arises when these obstructions in the upper respiratory tract distort the shape of the face. That is, forced breathing and differentiation in the swallowing and chewing muscles pull the palate upwards, resulting in an over-elevation of the palate.

As a result of the elevation, the palate narrows and its depth increases. As a result, the nose-lip distance may become longer, more importantly, the teeth are compressed and the jaw closure, which we call malocclusion, is disrupted. Although these problems are tried to be eliminated with orthodontic treatment, it causes both a lot of time loss and serious costs, and most of the time, the required shape cannot be achieved.