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Nosebleeds and Treatment
October 28, 2023

Dr. ozbarsut

Nosebleeds can be roughly divided into anterior and posterior nosebleeds. Although pre-bleeding is a simple disease mostly seen in childhood, it is the bleeding that worries the family a lot. In some people, the vascular structure passing through the anterior region of the nose is more superficial than normal.

Especially in childhood, finger irritations can cause small tears in the vascular structures and cause nosebleeds. Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, foreign bodies in the nose, and other diseases that may disrupt the nasal mucosa may be common in the background of the disease.

Bleeding from the back of the nose is more common in the elderly. Factors such as high blood pressure and use of blood thinners are usually present in the patient’s history. It is life-threatening and requires a quick and effective treatment plan.


For relatives, nosebleeds in childhood are a serious cause for concern. Towels, sheets, lots of napkins are blood so the family is anxious. If the patient has chosen a pediatrician before the K.B.B. examination, he/she enters the examination room with many blood tests and eyes full of fear. In a city with a hot climate like Antalya, there have been many applications to our ear, nose and throat clinic for this reason.

Even if you try to reassure them by explaining that it is not very serious, you usually do not succeed. When you show the traumatized vascular structure in the anterior region of the nose during the examination, the discourse of “believe me, doctor, glass by glass bleeding” continues. In fact, the amount of bleeding is small, but since the lesion is at the exit of the respiratory tract, it stains a very large area red with air, reactionary actions such as coughing, sneezing, etc., so it looks many times more dramatic than it is.

I usually give the example of paint. “Consider the area painted by brushing on some paint and the area painted by spraying the same amount of paint. Even with a small amount of blood, it will turn many napkins, sheets, towels red, as if the airway had dyed the blood by spraying it.”

No one has ever had a serious health problem due to bleeding from the front of the nose (except for blood diseases). The healthiest first step is for the parents to be calm and reflect this state of mind to the child.


Bleeding is stopped by tamponade or pressing the wings of the nose for a while and if it is prone to recurrence, chemical cauterization with silver nitrate is performed.

The best thing the parent can do is to sit the child in a chair, tilt the head slightly forward and apply pressure on the wings of the nose for 5 minutes without interruption.

Afterwards, we would like to host you for a more detailed examination at our Ear Nose and Throat clinic in Antalya.