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Vertigo Treatment in our Antalya Clinic
July 14, 2021

Dr. ozbarsut

Our approach to vertigo (dizziness) in our Antalya clinic is mostly as follows. Before the examination, you can think about the answers to the following questions, with your disease history formed, Antalya Vertigo Treatment Center you can visit.

Vertigo Disease History

We start by taking a very detailed medical history of the patient. When did the dizziness start, how often does it occur, does it increase with movement, is it accompanied by nausea, what is the nature of the dizziness? (walls spinning? or the ground sliding underfoot?)

Is vertigoaccompanied by tinnitus or hearing loss? Do you have a headache during rotation? Is it a complaint that increases with menstruation, especially in women? Is there a relationship with nutrient intake? Are neurological symptoms such as blurred vision accompanied by dizziness?

According to the answers to many questions like these, first of all dizziness We have some preliminary information about whether the cause is central (brain), peripheral (inner ear balance center) or a dyseness (swaying, feeling like you are on a boat, or a hole in your head, feeling like you are drunk) that can be caused by contraction of the muscles in the neck and neck flattening.

Caution for Misdiagnosis!

If you go to the doctor and leave with a prescription for BETASERC, it follows that you have not received a diagnosis of vertigo. This medicine is a preparation that is thought to be used to suppress dizziness.

However, the aim of physicians should not be to suppress dizziness, but to find the root cause and eliminate all the disorders that cause it.

The factor that enables us to offer the best Vertigo treatment in Antalya is our approach to treat Vertigo completely by going to the root cause, which we mentioned above.