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What is Adenoid Vegetaston (adenoid)? How to Treat?
October 28, 2023

Dr. ozbarsut

Adenoid is the name given to the topmost part of the lymph nodes in the area from the nasal passage to the root of the tongue, called Waldayer’s ring.

Especially between the ages of 2-6 is usually the most active period.


The most common condition observed is nasal congestion. Upper respiratory tract infections further enlarge the adenoid. Sleeping with open mouth, snoring, and more advanced apnea (stopping breathing during sleep) are the findings observed according to the degree of congestion. While apnea in adults is defined as 10 seconds or more of sleep, this figure is much lower in childhood.

Irregular breathing during sleep, excessive sweating, especially in the neck and head area, and frequent movements in bed are among the most common findings.


There are IV periods of sleep and if these periods occur properly, we can talk about quality sleep. Disturbances in brain waves (arousal) due to obstructions in breathing disrupt the integrity of sleep and a healthy sleep cannot be realized.

As a result of poor quality sleep, many problems such as growth retardation, learning problems, hyper activity can occur in the child.

Oxygen irregularity caused by obstruction of the respiratory tract can cause problems in the heart and circulatory system. In case of prolonged complaints, permanent shape changes in the facial area (palate elevation, lengthening of the filtrum distance, jaw closure disorders…) can be seen.


The testimony of the parents is important. Asked parents;

  1. Does he sleep with his mouth open?
  2. Does he snore?
  3. Is he very active during sleep?
  4. Does the head and neck sweat excessively?

Answers to leading questions such as.

The nasal region is not seen in routine throat examination, it can be seen in a large proportion of children with the help of endoscopy. If there is a lack of rapport with the child or if the gagging is excessive, a nasopharyngeal lateral radiography is performed. In order to avoid unnecessary radiation to children and until the child resists the examination, it should be tried to be seen with the endoscope.


The causes that cause adenoid enlargement are tried to be eliminated. If there is sinusitis, it is treated, if it is allergic, nasal sprays are used to reduce nasal discharge. There is no direct drug treatment to reduce adenoid size.

If the child does not get enough relief despite controlling the factors mentioned above, surgery is recommended.


It is applied with a very short surgery. Since the nasal area is a passive area, no postoperative pain is observed. Any strict dietary restrictions are not recommended. It can be discharged after a few hours of observation in the hospital.

If you observe that your child is not sleeping soundly, if there are proportional changes in the shape of his/her face, if he/she sleeps on one side of the bed at night and wakes up on the other side, and if excessive head and neck sweating occurs, the most important cause may be adenoids. You should always seek the opinion of an ENT specialist.

Your physician will make the correct diagnosis by endoscopic examination and, if necessary, by X-ray examination.
In the end, if the operation is recommended, remember that this intervention is performed with an extremely short anesthesia and will not even require a hospital stay.

The general concern of families is; “we are not afraid of surgery, we are afraid of anesthesia”. Remember that the risk we take when you get into your car is many times greater than the risk of anesthesia. An indicated operation has positive effects on the child’s growth and development, height, weight gain, learning capacity and facial shape.

Vertigo Disease History

We start by taking a very detailed medical history of the patient. When did the dizziness start, how often does it occur, does it increase with movement, is it accompanied by nausea, what is the nature of the dizziness? (walls spinning? or the ground sliding underfoot?)

Is vertigoaccompanied by tinnitus or hearing loss? Do you have a headache during rotation? Is it a complaint that increases with menstruation, especially in women? Is there a relationship with nutrient intake? Are neurological symptoms such as blurred vision accompanied by dizziness?

According to the answers to many questions like these, first of all dizziness We have some preliminary information about whether the cause is central (brain), peripheral (inner ear balance center) or a dyseness (swaying, feeling like you are on a boat, or a hole in your head, feeling like you are drunk) that can be caused by contraction of the muscles in the neck and neck flattening.

Caution for Misdiagnosis!

If you go to the doctor and leave with a prescription for BETASERC, it follows that you have not received a diagnosis of vertigo. This medicine is a preparation that is thought to be used to suppress dizziness.

However, the aim of physicians should not be to suppress dizziness, but to find the root cause and eliminate all the disorders that cause it.

The factor that enables us to offer the best Vertigo treatment in Antalya is our approach to treat Vertigo completely by going to the root cause, which we mentioned above.