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What is External Ear Inflammation? How is it treated?
October 28, 2023

Dr. ozbarsut

Otitis externa (external otitis media) is a simple yet painful local disease seen especially in the summer months. It is more common in hot climates. The reason is that excessive sweating disrupts the pH of the external auditory canal. Although patients usually do not accept it, there is a large proportion of ear confusion in the origin. Even minor trauma to the external auditory canal can initiate the disease. The most important symptom is very severe pain, especially when touching the front of the ear.


Alternative treatments include locally applied antibiotic and steroid eye drops, antibiotic and steroid containing creams or pomades, impregnated with a cloth called mec and placed in the external auditory canal.


External ear canal infection is often a local infection and the most appropriate treatment should be done by applying local drops or mec. There is no need to use antibiotics in many cases. It is sufficient to aspirate and clean the external ear canal as much as possible and apply one of the alternatives I have described.Antalya is hot and humid due to the climate, if we add the sea and pool to these factors, 30% of the patients seen in the polyclinic in the summer months have external ear infections. Especially the suffering experienced by people on vacation is incredible.

The main rule is that cleaning the ear with a finger or with ear cleaner only cleans our soul, it does not help the ear.